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Celebrating its 6th year - FutureM brings together marketing and technology innovators for 3 days to contemplate and celebrate the future of marketing. We bring together the most relevant content and thought leaders, both locally and nationally, to create an environment of new ideas, connections, and inspiration. Named one of the "Must Attend Marketing Conferences for Leaders" in Forbes, this year’s event will be hosted at the Hynes Convention Center

Career & Talent Development: We are in an evolutionary phase where those who adapt quickly will thrive like never before. How do you build your career to become a powerhouse marketer or technologist? As a leader, how do you build your team and prepare them for what’s to come? It’s a combination of building the right skills, making the right connections, and choosing the right talent.

Consumers have shut off the traditional world of marketing. They own a DVR to skip television advertising, often ignore magazine advertising, and now have become so adept at online “surfing” that they can take in online information without a care for banners or buttons. Join this track to learn how to become a content rockstar and dynamic storyteller through the use of valuable and relevant content. Content is the present and future of marketing.

Creative: Filled with creative dialogue and examples fresh from the studio with the best and brightest minds, this track provides you with an invaluable opportunity to tap into the creative genius of those that look telling a story or engaging the audience in a fresh, unorthodox way. Learn the secrets behind dynamic campaigns and walk away with creative techniques and tools you can bring to your organization.

Customer Insights: Trying to get your customers attention? Want to understand what motivates them? Whatdrives them to action? Check out our Customer Insights track to hear first-hand from companies creating anddelivering compelling experiences to capture and engage their audiences.

Data & Analytics: When data is everywhere, where do you start? Today’s big ideas are powered by big data. But, data is increasingly in everything we do. The trick is learning how to capture it, interpret it and make it useful for your business.

Disruptive Innovation: We have all heard the term Disruptive Innovation, but how do we make it relevant to our business? How do we open the flood gates to new ideas and new processes that drive organizations to disrupt and redefine the standard? This track brings together recent disruptors to show you how they were able to bring about new models, changing the industry landscape.

Entertainment: The entertainment industry incites passion and breaks boundaries. Hear from the leaders in film, music, and TV to learn the latest tactics and technologies being employed to engage consumers in an over-saturated environment to drive audience response, brand value, and revenue.

Internet of Things: The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the network of physical objects embedded with electronic sensors, software, and connectivity to be able to communicate and exchange data with people, companies, and other connected devices. In other words, the "intelligent implementation of the physical world." Cisco predicts that by 2020, there will be 50 billion connected devices with access to the internet and the cloud. With that, IoT has the potential to literally connect us to the world and everything in it and, at the same time, revolutionize the way we live, work, and play – which will have huge implications for the way we communicate and market with our customers.

Mobile: The number of mobile devices has surpassed the global human population. The mobile tech and marketing landscape is changing rapidly. Join this track to learn more about how you can embrace the new world of mobile.

Paid Media: Times are changing. If you want to continue reaching prospective customers online, you need to stay ahead of the game when it comes to connecting with people through your digital marketing efforts. These experts will discuss the future of paid media and latest trends, ad models and formats.

Startup Strategy: As a startup, you are facing many questions and tasks. Marketing is a common challenge for start-ups. But, before you start figuring out your marketing spend, it is important that you have a usable product, a defined brand, and a clear idea of your target customer. Come together in our Startup track with other startups, entrepreneurs and business leaders to better understand how to move your business and idea forward.

Strategic Design: Many people continue to think of design in very narrow terms. But, design is rapidly moving from posters and toasters to include processes, systems and organizations. Design drives innovation, innovation powers brand, brand builds loyalty, and loyalty sustains profits. When design principles are applied to strategy and innovation the success rate for innovation dramatically improves. How can you develop design thinking capabilities in your organization?